People of the Book 2: George The Beast

George Howell enhanced

Here’s what Leslie Sue Humphrey said about The First Few Friends I Had on Amazon:

“The era that Mr. Newton writes of, has piqued my interest for years. There has been much written about the Beats as well as the Hippies, in San Francisco and environs, but not of the transition between the two. I nearly swallowed the book whole, and have gone back to re-read it, in order to really taste as well as digest it.
“The experience of riding along with Christopher and his friends, as they began to explore their high school world in the in the late 50’s, with all of the emotional changes that teens naturally go through was delightful. The weaving of the love stories throughout the book, while causing some of the painful moments, had also the leavening effect on some of the very painful times that Christopher and friends lived through.
And I want more!”