Really Bad 20 Year Old Beatnik Christopher Newton Wants A Word With You…

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Psst!  Hey buddy!  Wanna buy a book?

You wouldn’t want my North Beach beatnik scum pals to have to come lean on you just when you’re enjoying your 26th Lucky Lager of the afternoon looking out the Coffee Gallery window at the hazy crazy scene on Upper Grant Ave., would you?

You see things my way and there ain’t gonna be any trouble. And besides, the book is good.  You should see the reviews. It’s got beat chicks in it and wild cross country runs to Mexico and New York City and you’ll laugh and cry and wish you were there too.

The First Few Friends I Had, get it?  Just click at the top of the page there where it says “Buy My Book on Amazon”  It says that for a reason, see?  You won’t be sorry, pal.  In fact, there might be a six pack of Lucky Lager in it for you. Or maybe not. Good luck!


People of the Book 3: Linda Lovely

Linda Lovely

“hiraeth- A homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past. This perfectly describes Christopher Newton’s book. I’m looking forward to his next book.”  Twila T Shyrock                                     



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People of the Book 2: George The Beast

George Howell enhanced

Here’s what Leslie Sue Humphrey said about The First Few Friends I Had on Amazon:

“The era that Mr. Newton writes of, has piqued my interest for years. There has been much written about the Beats as well as the Hippies, in San Francisco and environs, but not of the transition between the two. I nearly swallowed the book whole, and have gone back to re-read it, in order to really taste as well as digest it.
“The experience of riding along with Christopher and his friends, as they began to explore their high school world in the in the late 50’s, with all of the emotional changes that teens naturally go through was delightful. The weaving of the love stories throughout the book, while causing some of the painful moments, had also the leavening effect on some of the very painful times that Christopher and friends lived through.
And I want more!”

The People of the Book 1


Here’s what R. C. Boal said about The First Few Friends I Had on Amazon: 

“This engrossing book captured and held my attention from two perspectives: following a young man from high school through college as life-changing experiences change him forever, events that will delight and haunt him for the next five decades; and the pre-Beatles/LSD years of life in the still (relatively) slow paced city of San Francisco when Kerouac was king, influencing a generation of beat-loving kids to hit the road. I already want to read it again!”

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Saint Jack

Impossible to overestimate the influence Jack Kerouac had on my generation.  Here’s how I put it in the story, “The Baby Dharma Bums.”
"Although The Dharma Bums purported to be a novel, I could tell it was written by a guy who had actually done all these things and was just writing down what happened. I decided in an instant that I was going to do those things too. I had found my calling. I was 16. I had joined the Beat Generation."

Jack Kerouac fire escape 1

Here is the iconic photo of visionary Jack as we imagined him then, taken by Allen Ginsberg on a Manhattan fire escape in 1953. But he built his own fire and he couldn’t escape it.

The First Few Friends I Had: love stories from the gone world

Wes Wilson on The First Few Friends I Had

Wes WilsonThe great poster artist Wes Wilson sent me this note about my new book, The First Few Friends I Had:

First Few Friends Cover005"What a wonderful set of personal reflections and recollections of San Francisco from the sixties! It was like reliving so much of it all over again through author Christopher’s keen senses. Thanks are due our friend Christopher – for recharging so many cool memories for both Eva and myself in this intricately fascinating book! Thanks Chris! – Wes Wilson"

It’s getting good reviews all round, and I’m looking forward to YOUR comments too!.  Check the current reviews out at Amazon.