Really Bad 20 Year Old Beatnik Christopher Newton Wants A Word With You…

1962 05 Chris penny arcade 1 copy

Psst!  Hey buddy!  Wanna buy a book?

You wouldn’t want my North Beach beatnik scum pals to have to come lean on you just when you’re enjoying your 26th Lucky Lager of the afternoon looking out the Coffee Gallery window at the hazy crazy scene on Upper Grant Ave., would you?

You see things my way and there ain’t gonna be any trouble. And besides, the book is good.  You should see the reviews. It’s got beat chicks in it and wild cross country runs to Mexico and New York City and you’ll laugh and cry and wish you were there too.

The First Few Friends I Had, get it?  Just click at the top of the page there where it says “Buy My Book on Amazon”  It says that for a reason, see?  You won’t be sorry, pal.  In fact, there might be a six pack of Lucky Lager in it for you. Or maybe not. Good luck!


6 thoughts on “Really Bad 20 Year Old Beatnik Christopher Newton Wants A Word With You…

    • Nathan, where yo been keeping yourself? You’re in the book, you know, and a complimentary copy will be on its way as soon as I know where to send it.
      The book is selling well so far, in spite of my incompetent publicity department. (That’s me too.)


  1. fuck you man I never hung out with Leo Riegler or anybody from prior days at Miss Smith’s Tearoom and Dyke bar… never drank Lucky or Burgie just rum and coke and espresso, but I did hang at the Trieste and the Anxious Asp;;)

    all is wonderful 🙂

    On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 8:18 PM,


    • Let him go, let him go, God bless him, asleep under yonder tree. Too many coca rums I guess hanging out at the Asp. The Asp, as I remember, was what we so delicately referred to as a “dyke bar.” No aspersions on Hanks’ sexuality – I used to drop in myself on occasion. I liked the bartender – a lovely San Mateo girl named Bria – back when no one else was named Bria.


  2. just saw this via, of all things, facebook. if you were babies to the beat, we were babies to you, and by 1969 i was 17 in denver, taking long walks in the unfamiliar snow, reading dharma bums to survive, and..crying, over the very same dylan song, for my lost san francisco home. reading past the sample on kindle now, i dreamed a dream thst made me sad…

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  3. Bought and read your book. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for illuminating that fascinating transitional period and capturing the scene in the Bay Area at a time well before mine. Also really enjoyed your stories of old friends and loved ones. Brought me back to my own youth. Dan


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