What The Pondering Pig Thought When He Spotted A Carrot in The Mud


Maybe  truth is what is.bailey-4june09

Not what we hope for,

Not what we fear,

Not what we believe,

Not what we refuse to believe,

Maybe the truth is…what is.

Then he ate that carrot and smacked his lips and looked if there was another.



7 thoughts on “What The Pondering Pig Thought When He Spotted A Carrot in The Mud

    • Lo seento. I haven’t been up the 101 to Bayberg in some time, but a few Ferraris around Mt View, and I start reaching for cliffsnotes to Che Guevara (tho’, Malibu might be worse for ostentatious celeb-glitz. The IT barons are sort of shadowy up there in the foothills around skyline, and saratoga, etc).


  1. Hey! Thanks to Maryalice and you, I was able to add 3 names to the Family Dog photo…and to correct two other names – Martin (not Marty) Gorac aka Martoon the Magician and Sancho Panza, David Homicz’s companion…if any dog qualified to be the Family Dog, it would have been Sancho…but WE and a few others, were the Family Dog…With Love, Sharon Carol Herman


  2. Maybe Truth’s what the geniuses of New Worlds say it is! One NW reg “SkyHarbor” has taken the time to sum up the history of the English language in a few sentences for you:

    “It pains me that most Shakespearean actors put on these ‘high-falutin’ upper-class Brit accents… Nothing could be further from the truth!”


    Sky would have maybe prefer Schackapeare done by some sacto. stoners. To be, or not to be, dewd. He’s mistaken, anyway; Shakespeare wrote for the court, and his plays were performed for nobles, and at times, the King–as with the first production of The Tempest, with King James in attendance.

    Blogdom has been overrun by these sorts of cyber-Cliff Clavins.

    (‘scuzi rant)


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