The Curious Demise of Robert Hammersly: Edmund The Magician’s Final Act

You remember Edmund Robere, the Mad Magician of 857 Divisadero Street?  We sketched a brief portrait of him in Part 5 of The House On Divisadero Street.   Here, thanks to the miracle of inter-library microfilm loans, is an addendum to his story: the San Francisco Chronicle’s story as it appeared on June 11, 1964.

1964 06 11 Hammersley 1_edited-2 This is from the Chron in its racy heyday. You’d think they could have thrown in a  little more showbiz.  His full story remains to be told.


4 thoughts on “The Curious Demise of Robert Hammersly: Edmund The Magician’s Final Act

  1. Yes, I vote for a full disclosure on the life of Edmund the Magician. Someone needs to do it. Aren’t you just puttering around in the potting shed? Off to San Francisco, at once!


  2. Thanks for displaying this item, PonderPig – an important sequel to the 857 Divisadero Story. I don’t suppose many of your readers realise just how much trouble you went to to get hold of this clipping, so I won’t breathe a word.
    I notice that the reporter left the real juicy bits out, but of course the Chronicle is a family newspaper, and it wouldn’t do if all the kids in the Bay Area started to have nightmares.
    But WE know …


  3. oh…. wow. we’d be driving home from a gig in rodney old dodge van and he would tell me fables about, as he would always put it, “edmund the magician who blew himself up.” thanks for the memories….


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