Should Christians Take Jesus Seriously?

I’ve been pondering about why I still despise Republicans when Jesus said we should love our enemies.  (Oops, just lost half my readers).

It’s typical of me and a lot of the Christians I know.  We’re  hard to understand.  For instance, I knew a Christian once who would tell me how much she just looovved Jesus, she wanted to climb up in his lap right now and bask in His Daddy love all day.  The only thing she didn’t want to do was to follow any of His advice.

She was okay with “love your neighbor” but, like the Pondering Pig, not so good with “and while you’re at it, love your enemy, too.”  Hah?

When I was a little pig, I thought my Daddy was the cat’s meow.   I wanted to be exactly like him when I grew up so I was interested in anything he was interested in, wanted to put same goop in my hair that he did, and whatever he told me about how to live, I figured he knew what he was talking about, and I wanted to do that.   And he wasn’t even close to God…believe me.

We Christians though, we believe Jesus is not only the son of God, he IS God.  Jeez, you would think we would have a listen.   What were you saying again, JC?  I want to know because you give really good advice, since you’re God.

But around here, it’s more like “We love you SOOO much Jesus, we will follow you anywhere.  Except when you start on that Sermon on the Mount stuff.  There, I think you’re wrong.  It’s too far out.  Sounds radical.   There, I’m sticking with Moses. ”

Or we don’t even mention our opinion.  We just ignore everything he said and go right along our Christian way, getting ready for the chicken dinner.

Take this  “love your enemies” stuff.  Can you imagine what it would be like if Christians started trying it?  The pro-lifers would be inviting their pro-choice friends over for dinner (because if you really love your enemies they’re not going to stay enemies for long) and after the chicken and dumplings, we would all be sitting out on the veranda sipping our sugary ice tea and laughing about how we can’t agree with each other, and giving those pro-choicers a big hug when they go home because we love them.

Or pick your favorite enemy.  For me it’s my conservative Republican congresswoman.  She’s a convenient focus for all the things I dislike about reactionary, conservative, big corporate, lying, smearing, Bush-loving, pro-war, anti-environment  politicians.   Oh dear, what did I just say?   See?  I’m a typical Christan, just on the progressive side.

If I took Jesus seriously, I’d be inviting Congresswoman Cathy out for a picnic in the park, and inviting all my friends to meet her.  Why not?  What harm would it do?  Maybe I’d eventually learn to appreciate her, even as I disagreed with her.  Anything’s possible.

And loving your enemies is an easy one.  Wait till you hear what Jesus says to do with your money!



10 thoughts on “Should Christians Take Jesus Seriously?

  1. I am glad you have blogged again. I am glad too that you included a pic with you in it. You were a handsome and happy lad and I enjoy seeing you laugh.

    I also suspect that you take Jesus pretty seriously, or you wouldn’t waste the time pondering the thought of taking him more seriously. There are many that we do ideological battle with daily who can love Jesus and do his thing. Pete and Paul were both sides of the same coin. John Calvin and John XXIII were as opposed. Yet who would doubt their ability to do what Jesus taught?

    The problem comes down to our human need to figure out who God’s gonna save in the end. In the end, it’s his choice and I suspect his grace will remember the likes of Ghandi and others, teachers of faith and truth, leaving the false prophets of works and law out in the hallway, or probably outside the walls with the weeping and gnashing of teeth business.


  2. The Pig hath Pondered! It’s very exciting. I agree. I would expound more but I can see Elijah is thinking about using Brynny as a drumset, so I’d better not.


  3. Feinstein and Pelosi, millionaires both, represent the agenda of the wealthy and corporate elite, at least as much as the GOP does.

    A bipartisan babylon: that’s Kid Galilee’s perspective.


  4. How ’bout “nearly” as much as the GOP does? Both girls have their moments. Some of the time they are on the good guys’ side. And they’re both from San Francisco – that’s got to count for something, right? But I know what you mean about bipartisan Babylon. You may very well be the one who sees most clearly. The Dems have been moving farther to the right for years.


  5. Mr Pig:

    Check out the dee-eep thoughts of one “Max” and the New Worlders (fellow San Mateo-ites, I believe) regarding religion:

    and the curious “begemotya” in comments:

    “”Are these nonsensical delusions something people should take seriously, or treat with respect? The only psychologically normal response to both of us must be, SO WHAT? There is no such thing as a “spiritually enlightened” person; by even considering that as a meaningful concept you are conferring undeserved legitimacy and dignity upon silly primitive magical thinking.””””

    Dr. Motya reduces the entire history of judeo-christian thought to “non-sensical delusions”.
    Nearly Walker Percy worthy–similar to one of those sinister quasi-stalinist psychologists he ridiculed in Love in the Ruins, or Thanatos Syndrome.


  6. Dear Pig,

    You did not say that you hated political conservatives, only that you dislike and despise them. What is wrong with that? Jesus despised, it seems, the demons or pigs or whatever they were that rushed over the cliff.

    I have only felt true hatred a few times in my life, and I am not proud of it. But when I can’t stand someone, that is quite different. It is our human right.

    Just my opinion.


  7. Well, here’s how I figure it. Say, for any number of perfectly valid reasons, you decide to take Jesus for your spiritual master. You figure, well I’ll try to do everything he says to do, cause he knows where it’s at.
    Then, you find this: “Everybody says you should love your neighbor, but I say, you disciples, love your neighbor and your enemy too.” Doesn’t seem to leave a lot of room for disliking and despising. Disagree as much as you want. Argue away – but love them.


  8. The section on “love your enemies” comes from Matthew, right. In greek that is agape (or some form of it), which anglos translate as “love”. Agape arguably has a slightly different connotation than “wuv” does: more like empathize, respect, try to understand, we might say. And an admonition to avoid wrath, perhaps.

    I’m not into sunday school too much, but I am fairly sure JC did not mean anything romantic or too sentimental by that. Even well-known bible verses in the King James seem slightly different when one parses the greek or latin ( the name of God himself–Deus in Latin/Dios in spanish, or Theos/gk. Some might say a God (from german Gott) is not Deus. Gods are like Thor. Deus a bit different…or so it seems).


  9. My problem with christians is this..sitting in a pew every Sunday doesn’t make you a christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. Love..the greatest commandment.


  10. Willie the Wizard was an accomplished fireeater; I got to see him perform a number of times and was always amazed. Rodney told me Willie was also an accomplished human fly but I never got to see him do that.


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