Pig’s Going On Sabbatical

I was checking over the terms of my contract last night and I noticed that, after writing the blog for three years, I am now eligible for an all-expense paid trip to Kerguelen Island.  I think we’ll go.  Of course it does get a little cold down there but – hey – it gets a little cold up here.

Besides, Patrushka wants to go somewhere where she can wear her furs.  Don’t worry, they’re all heritage furs.  The original ermines were accidentally shot by Prince Kropotkin one morning in 1911 while he was out as usual  trying to trying to assassinate the Czar.  The Czar, riding by in his sleigh,  noticed the little guys lying in the snow and brought them home for his little daughter to play with.  My Princess Patrushka inherited them along with all the other truck – the Faberge eggs and stuff she leaves lying around the house right where I’ll stumble over them when I go out for a glass of chocolate milk.

So, where was I?  Oh yes, my sabbatical.  I want to focus more on my novel-in-progress, The Syndicate of Eternal Friendship, which had been proceeding at a snail’s pace lately.  Plus I want to organize my autobiographical pieces on the blog and see if they might hold together as a book.

So we’re heading for dear old Kerguelen.  The French Navy says they’ll have a launch waiting for us on Reunion Island, so we just have to figure out how to get there.  It’s going to be great.  No more distractions.  Just Kerguelen cabbages as far as the eye can see.  And the rabbits of course.  And the scientists dropping by every five minutes for coffee with the Princess.

Oh well, you just can’t find perfect solitude any more.  When it gets too noisy in our Quonset hut I’ll just go  for a walk and watch the albatrosses carousing up in the grey sky.



5 thoughts on “Pig’s Going On Sabbatical

  1. Hey, Can you legally do this? Read the small print on your contract again. I think there might be some difficulty with the “cease and desist” portion. Rather than encouraging you to do this, I think it precludes the possibly.

    Anyway, the really sad part is that you are part of my daily ritual, and I have so very these days.

    Well, enjoy the break, and still check your email. Okay?


  2. I think a sabbatical is uncalled for at this remove. Youse are supposed to do that after 6 years, taking the 7th off. It’s in the Old Testament, so there.


  3. Greetings, everyone – or should I say ‘Bonjour, tout le monde!’ from lovely Kerguelen Island. It’s mid-summer here in the Indian Ocean and the weather is a balmy 38 degrees. Of course the winds are blowing 100 mph but that’s the Roaring Forties for you – global warming really did a number on those westerlies. Hope you’re all having a great time back in the world. I’ve been having a chant with the Kerguelen Island rats. They learned them from the old salts that used to get shipwrecked here when they called it Desolation Island.


  4. Happy New Year, Chris and family:

    I hope you are feeling as blessed as we are. Having kids and grandkids for Christmas was heartwarming, a cozy fire, a glowing tree, and each other. Are you really on an island, or is this an island in the mind? Did you miss all that snow in Washngton? Our daughter was snowbound for a week with her inlaws, sister in law, and 4 kids! Fun. Love, Eva and Wes


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