Sixties Survivors #11: Tina Turner


Tina Turner, The self-styled Queen of Rock and Roll, turns 69 today.  Congrats, you old Acid Queen, you. Not too many people know this and I’m not 100 percent sure it’s true, but I’ve heard Tina actually retired from show biz two or three years ago and bought a lovely little chintz covered b&b in Lake Tahoe, where she performs for her guests in the evenings along with her old friends Aretha and Diana Ross. Lookin’ good, guys!

That’s Tina’s doppelganger selling out the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey tonight. You can see she’s slightly transparent sometimes if the light is just right.


One thought on “Sixties Survivors #11: Tina Turner

  1. Barack and his crew oughta consider Tina and her shirt-tail cousin Ted for FCC seats. I know it ain’t a cabinet seat. It’s more like a box seat at Circus Maximus.

    I am just wondering who Caesar is? I have no idea who is even in charge??? Last time a president was really in charge it was Nixon.


    That was a hairball, but the sentiment still holds. The Nixon era was the last time I could hack up a hairball. What does that say?


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