Sixties Survivors #8: Anna Karina

Could we just forget for a moment that we are all going to have to build driftwood huts on the beach or live in abandoned boxcars on the plains or find a high branch in the forest…could we just forget the financial meltdown for a minute?  I’d rather think about that Danish kid Anna Karina — 68 years old today.

Her face was an icon of sixties beauty and is still an icon to the characters in my novel who regularly reference her.  And still an icon to me.  Look at Anna play this scene from the Jean-Luc Godard’s essential film from the urban proto-hippie canon, Vivre Sa Vie (1962).  If you weren’t there to see it for yourself, it might help you understand the sixties aren’t quite what you thought they were. Or maybe not.

Happy birthday, you groovy Danish French chick.


3 thoughts on “Sixties Survivors #8: Anna Karina

  1. The sixties weren’t quite what we thought they were? So true. Caricatures abound, mostly looking like the Furry Freak Brothers. But somehow we forget about the stuff of this film clip, which I have watched now 4 times. The seeking and questioning, the iconoclastic nature of the years. Hell, we even forget about Diggers and Pranksters, concentration solely on the sex, drugs, r&r. We forget the turmoil, the confusion, the lost looking to be found.

    Funny. The first time I watched this video, my sound was hosed up and it kinda looked like a conversation between Gidget and H.L. Mencken. I wonder what they would have said to each other?


  2. I’m always interested in anything Gidget has to say. However, this sequence struck me for the same reason it does you. A girl who looks like a fashion model but apparently is a high-class hooker discusses the possibility of thought with a old philosopher. Godard’s presentation is perfectly straightforward. His tongue is nowhere near his cheek. In their French way, Anna and the philosopher both seek the real nitty-gritty. And that’s what bound us all together. Plus Porthos holding up the ceiling, of course.


  3. It’s honesty, that’s what it is we seek, ain’t it? That’s what we miss so much now. Straight and ahead. The old philosopher-king imparting some ort of wisdom is unheard of. Who would tell us today? Who is capable? I’m sure there are a few. Maybe it’s me and you?

    We look for answers and find mystery, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes all we get though is mystery and more questions. So, like Anna, we keep looking.

    It’s almost like nobody wants to hear the truth. Not that people don’t tell the truth, but too many people just simply don’t tell it…

    …nor do we just simply ask for it.


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