Big Grateful Dead Auction October 5

Here’s your opportunity to pick up the flight case the Grateful Dead used to carry their cash payroll around. Estimated going price: $3000-5000. If you don’t like flight cases with stickers all over them, there 72 other items up for bid.

Full story from the Marin Independent Journal here: Dealing with the Grateful Dead

Auction web site here: Bonhams Skeleton In The Closet Auction

I hope the Pig isn’t devolving into an all-things Sixties sort of blog. We’ve always tried to maintain a higher tone here at the Pigsty. But thanks anyway to Radman at The Sixties aggregator for the tip.


3 thoughts on “Big Grateful Dead Auction October 5

  1. Me and Leo are going halfies on the ’56 Chevy BelAir band car and maybe the Mouse poster from Egypt. Leo says there’s even some unsmoked camels that belonged to Jerry up for bid. Yeah, right. Hard to believe he didn’t smoke ’em.

    The payroll flight case will make a real cool $3000.00 catbox, if my low bid takes it. Now that would be a groovy place to poop. Me and Fritz and Fat Freddie’s cat are going in on that. I don’t talk to the rest of them scab cartoonie cats since the writer’s strike.

    There’s also a Tim Leary blotter sheet, but at this point I think that’s probably entrapment. Don’t need the hassle.


  2. I simply must — I must hear from Greg Hoffman on this one. I mean, besides the Chester Leo Helms bio, the sixties, and anchor steam beer, Dead trivia is his life. If you don’t believe me, just ask him what his CA license plate reads. Uh huh, you’ll see what I mean. In the meantime, I’ll just call him: Yoo hoo, Oh Greg! Greg! Hum, no answer. Well, actually, he’s probably taking this auction pretty hard. So go easy on the jokes, folks. The Dead is sacred ground to him and Jerry Garcia sacred burial ground. Me too, thanks to Greg. The only time Greg is serious about joking around is when we are taking him seriously and he isn’t.

    Yours truly,



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