Poem About A Dog Walking Around In The Rain

People are always saying pigs can’t write poetry. So, just to prove how wrong they are, here’s one my friend Beatitude Tutman sent me from Mexico. He said I could say it was mine, so I’m not cheating, okay? It’s about a dog walking around in the rain.

Waiting To Walk To Confession


The Pondering Pig

Think of the farty smell of boys in line

standing cowed, smallest to tallest

at two o’clock on the second floor in the empty hall.

waiting to walk to Confession.

Oh botheration, that’s not it all.  Where is that silly poem anyway?  Ah…

The Dog Who Trots Around Looking Mighty Pleased With Himself


The Pondering Pig

Piney winter nights,

the air is breaking, the barbed wire

strung red up the green road

is creaking.  the dog blows puffs,

he trots the frost

on crystal feet

down curling roads,

through raindust moons,

to the shiny house.

That first was one was by Beatritude Tutman.  The second one’s by me.

I would never ask someone to think about farty smells.

Photo by Patrushka

1 thought on “Poem About A Dog Walking Around In The Rain

  1. Well, I dunno about that. Dogs and farty smells kinda go together. Doesn’t matter if they’re fancy dogs or mutts. they all smell farty and like to roll around in dead stuff and poop and the like.


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