Difference between a Swot and a Prig?

Simple.  A swot is a dweeb, while a prig is a snot.


3 thoughts on “Difference between a Swot and a Prig?

  1. I’m starting to suspect that someone slipped some of my catnip into the pig’s slops, or else he’s been in the mushroom patch again. Either way, methinks it does not bode well. First farty dog poems and now enigmatic definitions. I think Lady Patrushka must needs take Brer Pig on a long trek to walk this out of his system.


  2. I believe our porcine pal is not as loopy as it might seem, Jinxie. I’ve been sitting on the sill outside the library and snuck in whilst no one was watching. I punched up swot on a Google search and read the following on SWOT analysis: “SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture.” Got that from the WIkipedia,

    OK, so now we look at the Wiki definition of Dweeb and get: “Dim-Witted Eastern-Educated Boor; being derived from the social differences and attitudes on the West Coast vs. the East Coast, often said to describe the typical Ivy-league grads from Harvard, Yale, etc. one who wants to seem more intelligent and self-directed than he or she actually is.”

    Hence, someone engaged in Swot analysis could very well be a Dweeb.

    I believe the prig being a snot is self-explanatory. But, of course a dweeb could be a prig or a snot too. Maybe a snot is a swot, in the figurative sense and not necessarily one in the literal. That could infer that a prig could be a dweeb, at least appearance-wise. Bother. Now I’m going in circles too.

    On second thought, Jinxie, maybe you’re right. Mr. Pig should get out and work his trotters a little bit.


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