Sixties Survivors #5: Mickey Hart

Born: Brooklyn, New York, September 11, 1943

Mickey Hart, the Grateful Dead’s new drummer, turns 65 today. He was born to answer the question, ‘why would a rock band need two drummers?’

Besides his ongoing percussion passion – which, since the Grateful Dead called it a day,  has bloomed into the Global Drum Project, the Mickey Hart Band, the Rhythm Devils, four books and a Las Vegas volcano, Mickey has been drumming up interest in environmental causes, the preservation of roots music, and, most recently, has been promoting Head Count, the organization that sends voter registration teams on the road with the big rock acts.

Here he is with Bob Weir just a few months ago.

Congrats, man. I will refrain from making remarks about ‘what a long strange trip it’s been’.  Welcome to the club.

Photo by Herb Greene


One thought on “Sixties Survivors #5: Mickey Hart

  1. Add to your list Mickey’s drum/dance work with Alzheimer patients (starting with his deadhead grandma), his soundtrack on “Apocalypse Now” (bringing new beats to the Dead) and his choreography and music for the winter Olympics a few years back and you have the makings of a classic American creator. Mickey was the other one, sort of. But he is a living beat voice.


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