Sixties Survivors #4: R. Crumb

I know I just blogged about the old boy last week, but here he is again.  R. Crumb, creator of Mr. Natural, Flakey Foont, Schuman The Human and of course the scandalous Angelfood McSpade, turns 65 today, making him eligible for Medicare, should he ever come back to the States, and earning him a rightful place in the Pig’s legion of battered and bruised but still standing – Survivors of the Sixties.


4 thoughts on “Sixties Survivors #4: R. Crumb

  1. Just dawned on me why you wanna go to France and it’s not to hang with Oscar Levant. You wanna get the cover of your copy of Cheap Thrills autygraphed, ain’t it?


  2. What I think is interesting, is the way Robert portrayed himself in his drawings; so decrepit. When he first started drawing himself thus, he was rather young, good looking, tall, thin, and somewhat poetic. Me thinks he has now morphed into how HE saw himself.

    In neither of your blogs about Robert, have you mentioned the documentary Terry Zwigoff did of the Crumb family, ala 1950. The documentary got a lot of coverage at the time of its release. All the reviews were, for the most part, positive. My reaction was, “Why is no one mentioning, that this is one of the most disturbing portraits of an American family every to see the light of day.” Much later critics would mention that it was a rather depressing portrayal. Terry defended his approach, saying that he just wanted to make a documentary about a typical 1950’s family. This family was not typical, nor was this a gentle rendering. Sadly, Charles, the oldest (and profoundly disturbed brother) committed suicide before the movie was released. I personally, would not recommend this film to anyone who does not have a strong sense of inner joy; because like the “dementors” in the Harry Potter novels, this film could quite possibly and very literally suck the joy right out of one.


  3. Hey what happened, I was not ready to send the above off yet, or perhaps at all. I thought I was still editing and deciding, then suddenly there it is submitted.


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