Glamorpusses Of The Haight #1: Pigpen

We’re starting a new series on The Pig today, but I’m not sure what to call it yet.  We will be featuring  photos of the remarkably lovely women who graced the streets of the Haight-Ashbury in those halcyon days of yore.  (The above is not one of the babes, by the way.  That’s Pigpen.  We asked him to stand in for the babes until we find a name for the real Babes, and he reluctantly agreed.  Which explains his expression.)

With the Pondering Pig as your guide, we’ll revisit those charming fashion dissenters of the mid-Sixties – before the fashion pundits taught everyone what was truly psychedelic and what was not.  Here’s a psychedelic fashion pundit now:  “Paisley!  Paisley is  SO psychedelic – look at all those swirling things that look like cells of consciousness expanding.  Swirling things that look like brain cells are so now! But you must never wear checks – they’re…absolutely…square!”

Plus, our Babes will be topped with the finest Swiss treble cream milk chocolate and served on a bed of cherry surprise.

What shall we name this new series?  I like Babes of the Haight-Ashbury. It’s classic, you know?  It’s the  word that never went away, just as current today as it was 150 years ago.  It leads to lovely adjectives like “Babe-a-licious”  In fact maybe we should call the series “Babe-a-licious Babes of the Haight-Ashbury.” Or is that too Wayne’s World?

The only problem with the word is – it’s slightly offensive.  I can already see my in-box piled high with notes from irate women shouting, “You only love me for my body!”

So, how about “Belles of The Haight-Ashbury”?  That’s not offensive in the least.  Trouble is it sounds like rich girls wearing muffs while they ice skate in Central Park in 1892.

Twentieth Century Foxes? Nah. Too LA.

Piglet of the Month?

How about “Slum Goddesses of the Haight-Ashbury”?  Allen Cohen, editor of the super-psycho-spirito-conscious-o-turnon-o-San Francisco Oracle, actually considered this name for an Oracle series. It comes from  the song “Slum Goddess of the Lower East Side” by the seminal anti-psychedelic pychedelic group, The Fugs, and I’ve read the Village Voice actually ran a series by that name.  So it’s got the period flavor.  But the fact that Allen ultimately nixed the idea gives it an aura of failure, certainly not appropriate for the Pondering Pig.

I’m running out of ideas.  So I need help.  Please improve on my suggestions with comments below by next week or we’re going with “Babe-a-licious Babes of the Haight”, okay?

Photos of lovely Haight-Ashbury maidens (matrons okay too) may be sent to  My Assistant, The Pondering Chicken,  will start tabulating this afternoon! Stay tuned.

(Photo of Pigpen by the dependable Herbie Greene and swiped from his Book of the Dead.)


10 thoughts on “Glamorpusses Of The Haight #1: Pigpen

  1. LOL it’d have to be “Hells Belles of the Haight”! And just FYI, as a former Chic on Haight (although from a more recent generation), i’m definately not offended by any of them!
    Hiya Pig! Long time no see…


  2. I think the first babe you should post is my mother. She was the babest of all the babes and I know you’ve got some sizzling shots of her. Just use the decent ones, of course.


  3. Just so you leave pics of Pigpen out next time. I love the guy with all my heart, but I’d rather see attractive Haight babes any day (or maybe some tuna or mousies).


  4. Back in the day, a guy didn’t refer to his girl friend or significant other as “my babe,” but rather, “my old lady.”

    Since most babes were somebody’s old lady, don’t you think it would be a good idea to call your series, “Old Ladies of the Haight-Ashbury?” Unfortunately, after forty years, the title fits a little too well. Point in case, the old lady pictured with Pigpen, Babe (not) #1.

    If I may, I would like to close with a carefully chosen Gregorian Edwardian Hoffmanian quote, which he usually selects after one of his questionably humorous jabs, specifically aimed at me: “That was supposed to be a joke, Malinda Ann, and you know it.”
    Followed by a one-liner Elvis made famous: “Uh, thank you — thank you very much.”

    Just a thought,

    Malinda Ann


  5. I am glad to hear your consciousness got raised in 1973. I became 24 that year. That was also the year I began seriously reading the Bible so I enjoyed your thoughts on the subject. Perhaps you are one of a dying bread of men who sees some beauty in women no matter what their age. That’s nice to know. Perhaps, once a babe, always a babe. On the surface, I was shooting for clever or cute, but really, I’m better with a raised consciousness too. Thank you for reminding me. What significant event happened in 1973 to raise your consciencness??? I look forward to who among the beautiful people you will include next.

    PS: Besides my Mother who passed away in 2006, only
    — and I do mean only — Greg Hoffman calls me Malinda or Malinda Ann. The remainder of all my friends and family have referred to me as Mindi since before I met Greg. Sorry for the confusion. I signed ‘Malinda’ mostly for Greg’s benefit. You are two of my favorite writers. I love to read your stuff, Chris. What a gift! Greg intoduced me to your blog a while ago and I enjoy you so! Thanks for responding to my comment. I really was just kidding about the old lady idea.



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