The Pleasures of Eastern Washington 1: The Mountains

I’m a city kid, ah, but you gotta have some wildness too.  Doncha? Preferably, with plenty of splashing.

I’m cooling off in Lake Leo, named for our trusty correspondent and great friend of Jinx The Cat, Leo Sadorf.  It’s a trout-filled little lake hidden in the Selkirk Mountains of Northeastern Washington, just two hours from our home in Spokane.

If you’re scared of fish nipping your toes, or Grendel maybe, you can go hiking…

That’s my 89 year old mother-in-law beside me. No joke – this lady keeps up with the Pondering Pig on the trail any day and she ignores the doctor’s pleas about osteoporosis.  She can trip over a root, get up, grin and keep going.  Never broke anything yet. What a lady! My Patrushka comes from sturdy stock.

Ah, the August mountains. If you’re a photographer you can wander around and just look through your viewfinder…

We get long winters up here in the North Country, not far from the Canadian border, but the summers are divine and the mountains are near. They’re one of the pleasures of eastern Washington.


3 thoughts on “The Pleasures of Eastern Washington 1: The Mountains

  1. Splendid pictures! I am supremely jealous. I set one as my desktop background since I’ve had the Orion Nebulae up for months. That first one reminds me of how I used to love it when you’d come in swimming with me on vacations (after a suitable amount of begging, of course).


  2. Thanks, Pig. I’m glad to be mentioned in the same post as Leo. Not because of Leo, but because you had the foresight to notice the trout nibbling on your toes. Man, you pig guys got it made, chilling with the trout (I’ll skip the soak in the water part).

    Could you throw some of them trout up on the shore so’s I can have a little ‘rassle with some fierce foes and then eat them? Yum.


  3. Patruska, Gorgisimo! Wish I’d been on that (those) outtings with you three. Here I sit in fog bound San Francisco layered in sweatshhirts and more and still chilly. But the sun and flowers of your pictures warm the cockles of my heart.




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