For Bobby Kennedy On His Death Day

Desist from whatever you are doing and go to my friend Hector Diego’s music blog site The Walrus Speaks. There listen to what is possibly the most moving pop song yet written about the death of princes – Abraham, Martin and John, recorded in 1968 by Dion, of all people. It’s about Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, John and Bobby Kennedy.  They rose to glory long ago and Dion rose to glory on this song about them.


6 thoughts on “For Bobby Kennedy On His Death Day

  1. Well, all this inspired me to go read and find out what was so great about Bobby Kennedy. I am ashamed to say that in my mind he was just “one of the Kennedy’s” and I didn’t know anything distinguishing about him. Well, now I know. Wow.


  2. I personally think Bobby was truly the princely brother.

    Thanks for the link to Hector’s blog. That song, even now, brings a tear to my eye. Maybe we were all idealistic back then and that song reminds me of that… But so what. We live in non-idealistic times ruled by cold and callous economics and revengeful rules of engagement. To borrow from Nick Lowe and sung by Declan MacManus, “What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?” Methinks that’s the little piece I was looking for when I made the Bobby commentary the other day.


  3. I think Leo meant Peace. He often gets confused these days. The other day when George McGovern called, he thought he was being tapped to be the VP candidate. George just wanted his peto recipe.


  4. On June 11, 2008 at 10:54 pm ponderpig Said:
    Hey, what gives around here? I’m tired of waiting around on the sidewalk for Greg to show up with more stories. Is this a blog or an annual?


  5. Yeah yeah – rub it in. I am in the midst of two really big creative projects, one of which is writing the novel that will finally explain everything to everyone. It’s hard to find extra room for the blog. But I’ve got some ideas…


  6. The Kennedy’s … overrated. Gimme a break. Incredibly corrupt people. Especially the father. Mob ties. Alcoholics. Womanizers. Good riddance to them all.


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