The Technorati Post

Technorati Profile

At last I have my own Technorati profile.  This should bring the spiders running.


One thought on “The Technorati Post

  1. Hey Pig!. Don’t no one run around here, you know that. We all sort of amble and ramble. Why would we run? Maybe we’ll be pressed to be more concise or intense in our movements, but don’t none of us run. Try a different word.

    ponder aimlessly

    This could go on interminably, but you get the idea.

    As for Technorati, I just plain wonder what it is. Sounds like a secret society or sumthin’. Sounds like Illuminati or the like. Do we have to learn a secret handshake or take a blood oath’? If we do, I’m outa here. I got them paws that don’t shake so good and I’m sure the freemasons have some sorta rule about having to shake. I’ll be outa luck. Plus I only got about a pint and a half of blood to begin with.

    Technorati, Illuminati, Buggati… all the same to the huddled masses yearning to be free, and us cats fur sure.

    But then the spiders thing. I mean, it puzzles me, the spider thing in general. Is it about webs and bugs and stuff? Me? I just bat them around for a while and they play dead and I get disinterested.

    I don’t know if spiders run anyways.


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