Pigsty Is Moving Cross Town

If you dropped by the Pigsty over the weekend you probably noticed the mess. Looked like a pig lives here. Stories were flung helter skelter over the page, margins mislaid, images in the wastebasket.

I was packing up, okay? I hadn’t meant to move out, just fix things up a little. But here I go.

It was spring. Time for frolicking in the daffodils. Except here in Spokane, where it is wintertime again. Snow in your eyes time again, Freeze your patootie off time again. So I thought I’d put the miserable weather to use by staying in and creating a fresh new look for the blog, something modern and appropriate for a pig of stature.

I decided to put up a new picture, write a little poem to go under it and then have Taj Majal play the opening bars of Statesboro Blues on Henrietta, his favorite Strat. Next an animated curtain would open and Jinx The Cat would come out in a top hat to warm you up with a few cat jokes and then do the Charleston with Reese Witherspoon. Set the appropriate mood, you know? Was that too much to ask?

Well, I made a few mistakes. What do I know about HTML? CSS? I know how to make a word italic and that’s about it. I can make a link if I look it up. But my creative vision overcame me. I wanted comfortable little armchairs for you all like in my living room and a fire in the fireplace where we could sit around and trade stories of famous beatniks. When the tempo slowed I could read aloud from my first edition of Thrilling Stories For Boys: Bomba the Jungle Boy Goes Over The Falls.

But it turns out wholesale blog remodeling is a little over my head. What looked great on the sketchpad didn’t translate. In fact, because of one misplaced HTML bracket or something my new up-to-date blog wouldn’t publish at all. And I forgot to backup my template first like all the bloggers tell me to do. And I couldn’t remember what I actually changed.

Okay, so a pig is a pig. What can I do? Well, I could get help. (I know. I need help.) But all my blogger friends know even less than I do and Blogger gives absolutely no support. You made you own mess, now lie in it. That’s their moral philosophy. Finally, as you can see, I did get the Pigsty back up. Looking exactly the same as it ever did.

So I’m moving cross town to the Typepad neighborhood. It’s a little more upscale. They promise help if I bollox up my template again. The mess you saw was me packing up boxes and moving out of Blogger. I’m just moving in to my new digs, of course, but I’ll give you the new address soon with an invitation to my open house. Maybe tomorrow. It’ll be the same old blog of course, but in a slick new 2008 format. Polished steel. Robots. Gandalf the Good. Jinx the Cat doing the Charleston with Reese Witherspoon. That kind of stuff.


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