The Pondering Pig Visits Phoenix

I’ve returned to my Pigsty in the airy heights above Spokane and find myself wandering around the yard looking for an angry fix…or even a carrot. Don’t know why this silly next chapter of The Syndicate of Eternal Friendship is taking so long. Maybe it was all that Hi-Jinx! in Phoenix AZ last week.

What a city! The whole town was built last week, except for the suburbs which were built yesterday. Phoenix is like a roach hotel – the people fly in, but they don’t fly out again. They just build another town house on the outskirts of town in a development called Quaintsy Cactus and stay on forever. People must make a million dollars a year though, because they’re all driving Ferraris. Except for the hoi-polloi, who have to drive Mercedes Benzes.

This is proof global warming must be great. The temperature is 113 degrees all summer long but the skies are full of planes bringing more people who want to lay out by the pool in it while they cut million dollar deals on their iPhones.

Actually, while riding down the freeway with my snout pressed to the glass I noticed a barrio. So maybe there’s another side to the city I missed.

Anyway, all rebuttals are accepted. I have to finish the next chapter so I can start on the next chapter. And so on until I get to the part where everybody lives happily ever after (if the story turns out to be a comedy) or dies (if I discover I’ve written a tragedy). What a life!

So here is my question for all you student ponderers. Since in real life everybody dies at the end, does that mean life is a tragedy? If so, how do you explain cats and dogs?

Photo Credit: PD Photo


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