In The Happiest Country On Earth

Howie Harris, reader and friend in Santa Rosa, shot me an email re the Happiest Country on Earth. He suggests there are between six and six and a half billion definitions of happiness in the world depending on the current population count.

I neither commend nor dispute his thought, but it does raise the question of how similar or different people actually are. I must agree though, that seeking the happiest person on earth and writing a book about him or her – would be a daunting, although worthwhile task, suitable for several lifespans.

I am only seeking the happiest country on earth, which narrows my search down to 199 choices, a nice round number and the current membership of UNESCO, if you include Aruba and the British Virgin Islands, which I do, especially this time of year.

Besides, Howie, and anyone else who cares to quibble, I only need one definition of happiness to write my book. And that’s my own. So now I’ve narrowed the choice to one! Pretty easy, huh?

I figure I can define happiness any way I want, and if I make a good case for my choice, someone will buy my book, and I’ll make $19.99.

So, I hereby limit my definition to statistically verifiable statistics. Hard numbers, okay? Does a country lean toward forgiveness as a way of life? Who knows?

Does a country have the lowest child abuse and wife-beating statistics? That I can discover and then verify by hanging out on the verandas and beaches of whatever country comes up lowest. It may well be Aruba. Or possibly the British Virgin Islands. Either would be okay with me.

Besides, I have known more than one victim of child abuse in my life and I can testify they would be happier and spend a lot less time in therapy if they hadn’t been. I wouldn’t be surprised if battered women feel the same way. So I think my list is a good start.

But I am open to suggestions for more criteria. They just have to be statistically verifiable. And if you have no idea what I’m nattering about – check out my last post below.

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One thought on “In The Happiest Country On Earth

  1. Ohhhh…you DO pose a challenge by requiring ONE definition. Of course, you didn’t say there has to be only one CONDITION, so we can get away with lots of commas and “ands and ors,” right? Example: A “happy” place would be a place where people fully forgave one another, loved and protected their spouses and children, were concerned and acted with compassion towards everyone else, could get medical care for all who needed it, and had just enough food/clothing/protection from the elements, and education would be available to all….and everyone would be so full of joy that they could sing praises of thanks to their Creator however they wanted (or to the Big Bang, trees or whom or whatever, just so nobody picks a fight over it,) and if they don’t like to sing, they could write, dance, recite poetry, paint or just run around the block. Oh yeah, and they wouldn’t be afraid of anyone inside or outside of their country deciding to blow them off the face of the earth. Darn! That was TWO sentences! Oh well, easy re-write, just change the period to another comma! Hmmm, I just realized my definition won’t qualify, as there aren’t any statistics for how many people sing, dance etc for joy. Too bad for me.


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