Walrus Pemmican and La Vie En Rose

I’m thinking about changing the name of my Walrus character. It’s starting not to feel right to me any more. What if later on the guy falls in love with a beautiful hippie chick? Can you imagine his girl friend saying , “Oh Walrus, I love you!” I can’t. It sounds silly.

Still, he should have a street name, not a real name. Something fitting for a guy who doesn’t want it to get around that his real name is Chauncey. Who is trying to build a little romance and drama into his young life.

Anybody got any ideas?

On a completely different subject, Patrushka and I saw La Vie En Rose last night, a biopic about the life of French singer Edith Piaf. It’s really quite an amazing movie, an onslaught of power and emotion that captures and reflects the star’s truly melodramatic life, — complex, innovative, yet totally appropriate film editing, a sound track that electrified my nervous system, and art direction – the film is played out in a succession of perfectly realized pictures of Paris in the twenties and thirties, New York in the forties, and Hollywood in the fifties – that’s a sumptuous visual treat.

Marion Cotillard’s performance as the Little Sparrow is astounding. I have really never seen anything on film to match her breadth and range – she portrays Edith from sixteen-year old street singer to a terminally weary middle-aged invalid dying of cancer. And she captures each phase of that unhappy life with such passion – it’s like Piaf herself is alive again. If she doesn’t win an Oscar for her performance, then there is no justice.

We walked out of the theater afterwards like we’d just seen Romeo and Juliet for the first time. I stopped to thank the manager of our little art house for bringing it to little Spokane – but I found my voice breaking. I was overwhelmed.

It will probably be good on DVD too – but seeing it on the big screen was — wow! If La Vie En Rose playing anywhere near you, don’t miss it.


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