One More Once for The Summer of Love

Writer and itinerant hipster Greg Hoffman just sent up a few photos he snapped at the Summer Of Love 40th Anniversary Celebration in Golden Gate Park Sunday before last. I put them up without further comment on how old everybody is and how long ago 1967 was. Survival must count for something.


Unless you were hanging around San Francisco in the mid-Sixties, you’ve probably never heard of The Charlatans. But they had their moment. The very first Haight-Ashbury band – and the standard bearers of psychedelicized rock and roll. They never had any hits, it’s a wonder they recorded at all. George, the leader, the guy in the straw hat, couldn’t play an instrument. But he had a great fashion sense and designed the band for the pop world that ruled before guys like Jimi Hendrix and James Gurley changed the rules. Here’s a picture of them circa 1966:


When The Charlatans were having a good night, they were the best dance band on the circuit. And, in the early days, the psychedelic ballrooms were all about dancing.


Actually, the beauty is James’ wife, Margaret and the itinerant hipster with the press pass is Greg Hoffman. For a year or so, Jim Gurley (as he was known then) was king. As lead guitarist for Big Brother and The Holding Company, he went further out then anyone had gone before. I thought he was inspired and I knew what was good in those days. Street legend said that Gurley learned to play lead guitar by sitting in a room on Pine Street for weeks on end listening to and copying John Coltrane solos. Not note for note – but in the spirit. You can hear his work on Janis’ best album, Cheap Thrills, and decide for yourself.Here’s Jim as Haight-Ashbury pinup:


No disrespect. This Bob Seideman photo became a popular poster and could be seen in kitchens and bedrooms across the Haight-Ashbury for at least a year.

September 2, 2007
San Francisco

More photos of the anniversary party from Clara Bellino.

San Francisco Chronicle’s story:Summer of Love bands and fans jam in Golden Gate Park.
Relix Magazine’s story: Old Hippies Come Out of the Woods for Summer of Love 40th.


3 thoughts on “One More Once for The Summer of Love

  1. I would fit right in with this crowd! We are stardust, golden, and the “garden” lives inside us. By the way, I’ve been meaning to thank you for the info about Beatrix Potter using the Lake District for story settings.


  2. Hello Mr Pig,
    I woke up ay 7 am this morning fresh faced, sort of, ready to start the rigorous rituals of job searching. Just out of sheer fluke i saw your name on a Google job search i did (i’m not going into pig farming just so you know), thinking it would be another mundane and hopelessly boring blog. 12 hours later i am sat in the same position as i was at 7am and have just finished reading your blogs. I did stop for fuel and a nap half way through, i am actually quite a speedy reader.
    I couldnt log out without letting you know that a girl living in a small village in Middle England across the pond has been completely entranced, enthralled, gripped, heartbroken, enlightened and a little obsessed if honest, by your life accounts. You have brought people back to life with your heartwarmingly honest descriptions. Thanks.
    I’ll start the job search tomorrow!!
    Sarah O’Donovan


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