The Pondering Chicken’s Report

Pondering Chicken here. I haven’t seen much of the Pig in days. But he showed up bleary-eyed in the kitchen today, ate a few cheese sandwiches, then staggered back in his office crying “Time must have a stop!” I kind of worry about the guy. After all, he pays the salaries around here when he remembers.

But I thought I should tell you he is reading a lot. When I straightened up his desk this morning I found a technical explanation of how baby monitors work, and a very old book called Principles of Radio Wave Transmission. This is new for him. Usually I find old comic books in there, like Richie Rich and that fat girl who wears polka dots.

The other day I was walking in the park. I turned into the rose garden, and there was Pig sitting on a bench gazing into the antique roses display. I didn’t say anything to him because he seemed to be lost in thought. But at least he wasn’t eating the roses like last time.

He told me yesterday he needs a better name for his story. He said he’s only calling it The Walrus because it fits on the sidebar. So I thought about it and suggested “Why not call it Walrus Pemmican and the Sorcerer’s Stone?” Go with a proven winner, that’s what I say. He said he’d think about it. But I’ll bet he won’t. He doesn’t like anything unless he thinks of it himself. He’ll probably call it Pigs Ate My Roses.

I just hope he gets back to fighting for justice pretty soon. I liked it when Madonna used to come by. She always brought snacks. If this goes on too long I might have to take that job over at The Pilfering Pig. She’s already offered me a bonus if I can find the plot outline for The Walrus and sneak it over there.

Well, for now, I think I’ll stick with Pig. I’m always curious to see what he’ll do next.


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