Transcendental Old Donovan

Donovan fans have been begging for more stories about him now that he’s turned 61. Is the old boy driving a garbage truck? Or singing at the Coconuts Lounge in Ely, Nevada?

I just located this interview with him in the Palm Springs newspaper, and I thought I’d better share it while it’s hot.

Turns out (1) Donovan has stuck with the Maharishi all these years, (2) he believes that bringing spiritual lyrics to pop music was an intentional plan thought up by Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg in the Times Square Automat one evening in 1947 and that (3) Donovan and David Lynch are planning a future world government that will change everything in some interesting and perhaps groovy way. At least that’s what I could get out of the interview.

My Mom and Dad used to practice transcendental meditation. Mom had her own mantra and practiced TM faithfully each day. Dad liked it too, but I think he saw it more as a chance for a little afternoon nap.

Here’s the story. Your sort it out. I’m not sure I really dig Donovan that much any more. | He’s not ‘mellow’

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