My Favorite Song

I never would have guessed.

I usually have Itunes playing in the background while I write, and I just happened to click on a link I haven’t checked in a long time, “Top 25 Most Played”.

It turns out My Number One Unimpeachable Strictly Based on the Data Favorite Song is…

All My Life. By S. Mitchell and S.H. Stept.

It’s Ella. She recorded it as quite a young thing. In 1935. With Teddy Wilson. Apparently, it’s the one song I can’t get along without and I keep putting it back in the queue.

If you are questioning the Pig’s musical taste, it’s available at Itunes for .99. Or sample it for free. But try not to accidentally download the version by Echo and The Bunnymen. I think it’s a different song.


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