Worst Pop Lyrics of All Time?

Since we’re on the subject of second-rate rock (although Badfinger was only second-rate in comparison to the Beatles), I notice that BBC is running a contest to identify the worst rock lyric of all time. Here’s their contenders so far. Hard to beat these gems…

The Top 10 Worst Pop Lyrics?

1 ABC (pictured) That Was Then But This Is Now: More Sacrifices than an Aztec priest/ Standing here straining at that leash/ All fall down, Can’t complain, mustn’t grumble/ Help yourself to another piece of apple crumble

2 Snap Rhythm Is A Dancer: I’m as serious as cancer/ When I say Rhythm is a Dancer

3 Human League The Lebanon: Before he leaves the camp he stops/ He scans the world outside/ And where there used to be some shops/ Is where the snipers sometimes hide

4 Razorlight Somewhere Else And I met a girl/ she asked me my name, I told her what it was

5. Duran Duran Is There Something I Should Know?: And fiery demons all dance when you walk through that door/ Don’t say you’re easy on me you’re about as easy as a nuclear war

6 Oasis Champagne Supernova: Slowly walking down the hall/ Faster than a cannonball/ Where were you when we were getting high?

7 Des’ree, right, Life I don’t want to see a ghost/ It’s the sight that I fear most/ I’d rather have a piece of toast/ Watch the evening news

8 Black Sabbath War Pigs: Generals gathered in their masses/ Just like witches at black masses

9 Toto Africa: The wild dogs cry out in the night/ As they grow restless longing for some solitary company/ I know that I must do what’s right/ Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti

10 U2 Elevation I’ve got no self control, Been living like a mole now/ Going down, excavation/ High and high in the sky/ You make me feel like I can fly/ So high, Elevation

I think Black Sabbath’s is particularly good. But then, Razorlight’s is also very impressive. Any other suggestions?

Full story at Times Online


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