You know what I hate? Wondering what happened to everybody. Cause usually what happened is that everybody died. Or went south in some other way. Or ended up in a skid row hotel in Palm Springs looking out at the golf courses across the street.

The new member, apparently, of our little Pondering Pig entourage, Jinx the Cat, mentioned Badfinger in one of his ringing declamations last night and I thought, “Geez, I haven’t thought about Badfinger in over one million years. I wonder what happened to those guys?” So I looked them up.

For those of you who came in late, power pop forbears Badfinger came to fleeting fame in the late Sixties and early Seventies. They were the first in a line of many bands who were supposed to be “the next Beatles.” Paul MacCartney discovered them and Apple backed them big time. They had one or two hits but then quickly disappeared. Into cultdom, I suppose. But not my cult. I just forgot about them.

What happened to the guys in Badfinger? Did they go back to dentist school? Become traveling preachers? Head for the south of France to write novels, each with his own villa? So I looked them up.

Peter Ham: hanged himself. Age 27.
Tom Evans: hanged himself. Age 36.
Mike Gibbins: moved to Florida. Died in his sleep in 2005. Age 56.
Joey Molland: still a working musician. Mainly touring with pickup musicians under the Badfinger name.

Crikey. Where’s the part where they all live happily ever after?

Right now on my Itunes, the rock singer with the most melancholy rock voice in known history — Chrissie Hynde — is asking me the musical question “Why look so sad? Tears are in your eyes.”

Chrissie, hang in there, girl. I don’t know what your lifestyle is like but I pray it’s filled with joy and love and health and some form of performer’s inner peace.

For now, I think I have to go back up in my pear tree with a skull and meditate on it like St. Francis did.


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