Pig’s Up A Tree

I’m sorry, you can’t come in. The Pondering Pig may not be disturbed.

This is his assistant, The Pondering Chicken, speaking. The Pig is out in the pear tree meditating and refuses to come down until he finds inner serenity.

Look, you can see him out there. He’s built a little platform and he’s sitting cross-legged seeking divine wisdom. At least I think he’s seeking divine wisdom. Mainly he seems to be fiddling with his new turban. Next he’ll want me to get him one of those plastic clip-on kind.

Anyway, you can’t come in. Try again at dinnertime.

While we are waiting for the Pig to find inner peace, I’ve put together a little program of scraps of poetry and things I’ve found in his wastebasket over the years. The program will start as soon as I can figure out how this computer works.

The Pondering Chicken

Photo credit: Bay Area Hiker



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