So Much Trouble In The World

Don’t come round here no more if you’re looking for knowledge. Or wisdom. Cause I don’t have any. Looking for some myself. The trouble with all this pondering is the more I learn, the less I know. The more I ponder, the more confused I get.

I envy my brother Action Pig – he never wonders why humans are so screwy. He doesn’t walk around the duck pond all afternoon trying to puzzle out why kids in Sweden get to all grow up healthy and strong. But kids in Sierra Leone have to die before they’re five (untold thousands of them). And life goes on anyway. And the Swedes and Americans and Brits and Canadians all just get up and go to work like the whole world has medicine as good as theirs. Action Pig just gets on board the train and starts shooting out the window.

Me, I’m the Pondering Pig. I wish I wasn’t. There’s tears rolling down my ignorant piggie snout at the injustice in this world. I can’t see to aim the trigger.

Image Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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One thought on “So Much Trouble In The World

  1. Action Pig wouldn’t know which train to board unless his brother, the Ponderer, takes him to the station and steers him to the platform…heck, Action might not even realize there are other pig pens beyond his barnyard, much less piggies without their fair share of slops!


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