No Woman, No Cry

Speaking of Kiva investments, we could start a whole business just lending money to ladies named Tatyana who sell underwear from a kiosk somewhere in the Ukraine. All of them stand patiently at the end of the Kiva queue while other better looking, ‘more deserving’ entrepreneurs cut into line in front of them. It’s a dirty trick, really. Can they help it if they’re not cute? If they don’t know how to repair television sets? There they stand, bundled up in their 1970s ski jackets with bleak brave smiles and hope for the future…

Consider Tatyana Soldatenkova. She’s hoping to build her own kiosk.

Or Tatyana Timoshenko. Crazy kid wants to build up her inventory of kid’s clothes.

Perhaps you’d be more interested in the lovely and talented Tatyana Kondratyeva?

Or, if you just plain don’t like people named Tatyana, here is the daring and resourceful Ludmila Matyushkina. Will somebody ask her to dance?

Or are her and her friends just going to sit on the gymnasium bench all night? I HATE that!

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One thought on “No Woman, No Cry

  1. You raise some interesting questions about why some borrowers get chosen quickly, some more slowly. As to your comments about “attractiveness,” I believe Kiva lenders aren’t so shallow as to be swayed by looks, and honestly, I was offended by your suggestion.Anyway, I did a quick check on the Kiva page where you can sort by oldest to newest borrowers. I think it has to do with how loan requests come to Kiva from the various micro-financers. They seem to come in blocks; there will be a block of Samoans, another from the Ukraine, etc. There are pretty young Nigerians on the “oldest” page just after the Ukrainian Tatyanas…They are all selling soft drinks. Maybe lenders don’t like to support that product. More research needed. Meanwhile, maybe we should search from old to new when choosing our next loans.


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