Mormons, Paiutes and Kiva

Never try to run a blog from a dial-up connection. I’ll wait till we get home to upload a photo. Dum tee tum tee tum….

Patruska and I are visiting our park ranger kids at Pipe Spring National Monument, way out on the rabbitbrush covered high plateau of the Arizona Strip.

The Arizona Strip is literally a strip of land between the Grand Canyon and the Utah border. Hundreds of miles of mesa and snakeweed and vermillion cliff faces glowing in the sunset, billions of stars at night with Orion getting dizzy up there from his wheeling and wheeling. The Paiute tribe rules the back country and the Mormons rule everything else. We’re on the frontier of the nineteenth century Mormon Empire- in fact, Pipe Spring is the remains of a Mormon cattle ranch, built like a fort against Navajo raids.

No cell phone towers, no cable TV, no high-speed internet. In fact, the Arizona Strip is so isolated that until they built the bridge over the Colorado river, the county sheriff had to go around through three states to get here, and all kind of owlhoots holed up on the Strip playing pinochle, drinking redeye whiskey, and planning their next stagecoach robbery. Except no stagecoaches ever came this way. Maybe they could raid the cheese wagon from the Pipe Spring ranch, loaded down with butter and cheese bound for the little town of St. George, seventy-five miles away. The Mormons who kept on practicing polygamy after their church and the government outlawed it – they moved down here too. Colorado City, fifteen miles up the road, is still their headquarters. Their womenfolk still wear old-fashioned long dresses – but with jeans and sneaks and elaborate Gibson Girl hairstyles embellished with a long braid ending in a ponytail. Even the little kids…

Hey, I snagged a new country for the Kiva Investment Group yesterday – Cameroon. Magdalene Mankah was up for a few hours yesterday. She wanted $300 for sticks and nails to mend her pig fence. Needs a year and a half to repay it. A terrible business investment. But I have a feeling she’ll pay it back if she can, and I want her pigs to be safe from lions…

Hey again, here’s a question for the KIGsters. How can we maintain communication in the group when the Pondering Pig is off wandering around in the forest looking for truffles? This happens. I have a tendency to go off rambling at a moment’s notice. So what if an investment opportunity comes up while I am gallavanting? Is the comment section of the blog enough? Or should we get something else going? Like a separate group blog or a Yahoo Group? The great thing about the KIG is that we are all starting to know each other a bit. There’s a friendly feeling. And I’d hate to see it dissipate just cause I don’t have a high-speed connection for a couple of weeks.

Whaddaya think?


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