Tatyana’s In!

I am so stoked! One day! I feel like we’re the Rescue Squad. I can’t believe we did it so fast! Where’s my cup of tea? ‘Cause I’m hoisting one to the PP KIG – the best Rescue Team in the 48 states, Alberta and Iceland. Tatyana could have hung there for months or never got her loan. Then, a couple hours and she’s the most popular kid on Kiva. And now she’s funded! I know this is stupid but there are actually tears of joy welling up as I write this.

But I’d better squelch ’em fast cause I’m writing you from the Diamondback Motel in Bad Guy, Montana. One sign of weakness and they want your lunch money.

Isn’t doing good a gas? Next lets tell everybody what we’re doing and rustle up a few more members. Build up our superpowers. When I get to a quiet place, I want to write a report for the Yahoo! Kiva Group about this.

I wonder if Alma from San Leandro is a silent member or just saw a good thing and grabbed it?



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