Big Sales Pitch for Tatanya’s Berdyansk Boutique

OK, Bigshots. I think everyone who wants to comment has had a chance by now, so here’s what I heard:

Clear majority of us want to proceed, but nobody is in love with setting up a special Paypal account to do it.

Julia and I like the idea of picking an unpopular Kiva borrower who meets Ramon’s criteria for good business investment. Lets do something as a group we wouldn’t do on our own. We’ll do good while still being wise about our money.

There’s nothing I would like better than to squabble about who to choose as our first borrower, but I am leaving on a 1000 mile drive this afternoon and will have sketchy access to internet for the next week. So, if you will forgive me, I propose someone right now…the daring and resourceful Tatanya Ryeznik of Berdyansk,Ukraine.

Read her profile – She’s cool. She has a track record. She wants to borrow a substantial amount and pay it back at between 10 and 20 per cent per month. There’s absolutely no reason why this lady should get lost in the shuffle, yet, sorted by popularity, she comes up on the very last page, and sorted by age, her loan request has been up a long time.

Forget about it! C’mon superheroes, Tatanya needs some help here! Let’s get this lady funded! To get to her page, just click on my Kiva ad. Hopefully, her picture will stay up until she is funded.



10 thoughts on “Big Sales Pitch for Tatanya’s Berdyansk Boutique

  1. Hey, all our interest in Tatanya has bumped her up to the first page in popularity instead of the last- hope that will help her funding. Did you guys notice Dimitri Dimitrov? He’s making a go at worm farming- now that is so different I just had to fund that as well!-I love outside the box thinking.


  2. Slight correction- the worm farmer’s name is Dimitar Dimitrov, not Dimitri Dimitrov. That’s what I get for trying to remember an unusual name off the top of my head!I wonder how many other groups there are that do this type of thing? There was this one fellow that I funded that I noticed had been on the site for a long time, and then after I funded him it took weeks longer for his amounts to creep up. Then one day when he still had some $400+ to go, all of a sudden he was funded and a ton more people showed up on the page as lenders- so it wasn’t that just one person had funded the remainder. I wondered at the time how that had happened. Now I’m guessing that some group like ours decided to fund him. So now all those early lenders to Tatanya must be going, “Huh? What just happened? Why the jump?”


  3. Different topic here, but something I’ve noticed that I’m curious about- just how many of us play or have received training on musical instruments? From comments here and there I’m thinking there’s an awful lot of us who are musical types in this Pigsty!Ari-violinKirstie- violame-violaPPig- guitarPaula- do I remember double bass?Leo- you jumpin’ in with mandolin and dulcimer?Patrushka- you singin’?who else?


  4. ???? When I checked at 11:15pm yesterday Tatyana still had some $500 to go. Now by 7am she’s fully funded but it doesn’t look like there’s anyone on the lender list that wasn’t there last night. Either someone on her list made an additional huge donation, or something is strange with the bookkeeping….


  5. I just thought of a third possibility- maybe the microloan organization decided they could swing the remaining $500 and so closed out her loan? Maybe I’ll check with Kiva and see if that happens sometimes…


  6. nah, loryjean was already there when I went to bed and there was still the $500+ remaining. I think the $x.xx in other baskets is simply refering to when a potential lender has put person in their basket but then clicked on Diversify my Portfolio and continues “shopping”, rather than immediately checking out. That loan request is now in their basket but hasn’t yet been paid for.


  7. Julia- Remembering the words of songs is a very good thing! I love singing, but I rarely know the words- I make up all kinds of goofiness to fill in the blanks!Paula- Lady of many talents for sure! Good luck with your play!Leo- Not in St. George! I have to go there on a regular basis already and I really wish I didn’t- although it’s larger than when you were last there I’m sure (according to comments you made on Patrushka’s blog), the attitude isn’t any better.


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