My Embarrassing Secret

May I share an embarrassing secret with you? Oh, good.
Since I changed my web address last month (to The Pigsty’s views per day have plummeted. From nearly 200 views to under 100. What happened? I cannot figure this sudden animalist prejudice against pondering pigs.
I was just wondering – if you have a blog and you link to The Pig, could you just make sure you’ve updated the href to my new address? Thanks, you’re a pal.
I think now I have to check the various search engines to see if they see my new address…

Image credit: Friends of Freddy


2 thoughts on “My Embarrassing Secret

  1. I have enjoyed the opportunity to read your blog more often now that I can remember the web address and of course, having time off of work to play on the internet helps.Jenny


  2. Check! I re-linked (is that a technical term?) you already. Thanks for coming by to visit me. I’ll start writing again soon. But I appreciate that you stop by. About your other post the philosophical pudding piece…I guess I’m doomed. I still grab the biggest bowl for myself. My grandma always said my eyes were too big for my stomach. I always knew I was just selfish. And little has changed. Michele (Aprilbaby’s California Life)…since I know longer can link directly.


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