Lilya 4-Ever

I just saw Lilya 4-Ever. Really affected me. In fact, I would say there’s really no further need for art. From here on out — it’s war. Only war.

Guardian Film of the Week: Lilya 4-Ever<a href=”“>

Wikipedia Article: Lilya 4-Ever

Rotten Tomatoes Review Page: Lilya 4-Ever

Interview with Lilya 4-Ever director Lukas Moodysson.

Take a chance. It’s available from Netflix.

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2 thoughts on “Lilya 4-Ever

  1. I’m surprised that the comments on this post turned comic…this movie deserves some serious thoughts! “Entertainment” it ain’t – but hey – it’s a wake-up call to consider horrors being perpetrated on vulnerable innocents. Yes, it’s a movie, but it portrays reality for millions of children around the world. I am very aware of the facts about trafficking, but this movie was still shattering to me, and makes me mad! Mad enough to reconsider my role in “what to do about it.” Turning our faces the other way so we don’t have to see/think about evil is tempting – but wrong! It paves the way for victory for the perpetrators!


  2. I cried for about an hour after i watched this film. Now i’m determined to stop this shit. So no, not entertainment, but it definitely worked.


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