Hidden Lives of Pigs

For years I’ve been trying to tell you I have intelligence beyond that of the average three year old. And why not? I’m a pig! We pigs are loyal, brave, play video games, never eat like pigs unless injected with HogCrave, and are generally the kind of guy you want to have around in a firefight or hanging out with your pals.

I learned all this from a web page reader and photo blogger Leo Sadorf just emailed me. If you ever want to enjoy your eggs with bacon again, don’t read this link, The Hidden Lives of Pigs. As for me, I’m swearing off my cannibalistic habits. Soon as I finish up that pound of bacon.


2 thoughts on “Hidden Lives of Pigs

  1. Pigs may be in vogue today among filmmakers and Beverly Hills society matrons, who stroll around with potbellied porkers while shopping on Rodeo Drive. But this ubiquitous animal has been around since before the Ice Age — and in some parts of the world, pigs have been treated like stars for centuries.The surprising allure of this creature in all its astonishing varieties is the subject of THE JOY OF PIGS The program guides viewers around the globe for a look at exotic wild pigs and an exploration of the different roles that domesticated pigs play in human societies. Copy and paste this link in your browser for access to the full pig story from PBS:http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/pigs/index.html


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