A Pig Ponders Goodness and Catwomen

Here’s a few things I’ve been pondering…

I know there’s a super-heroine named Catwoman, but how come there’s never been a superhero named Dogman?

What’s more good than goodness? Why, goodnessness, of course. And what’s even better than goodnessness? That’s easy…goodnessnessness, as in “the delicious goodnessnessness of fresh raspberries.” And you know what’s even better than goodnessnessness?

Oh, shut up!


5 thoughts on “A Pig Ponders Goodness and Catwomen

  1. My Pig-Friend or Friend-Pig:Cats and women are, well, synonymous sometimes. I don’t mean women are like cats (though they might be, who knows?)but that they are of a similar ilk.Face it. We are of the Y chromosome ilk, you and I. We have certain aspects about us that are not like the girls. God bless them, they aren’t anything like us. Otherwise we’d be, um, I don’t wanna go there.Women walk and talk different than us. They act different than us. Heck, in most cases, they smell different than us. It’s a good thing they do.As far as goodness goes… I don’t know what to say. I ain’t been good in so long I wouldn’t know goodness if it kicked me in the kiester.Dogman? C’mon. He’d be chasing squirrels and smelling butts. How could a dog solve crime or save the world? We’d all be doomed.Oh, yeah. We are. Oops.


  2. I used to work in a group home loving on teenage dope prostitutes. One late night/early morning, I got a call from a Vancouver Police Sergent, he said they busted a crack house and one girl said my name as her minder. If they could prove they had somewhere to go, they could be picked up instead of going into Vancouver’s notorious lock up for the night… I drove down to the area called “low track” (it was low and concealed by railway tracks and YOUNG workers could hide there) and waited at the door of a nasty crack house while girls were paraded past me. One of my girls was brought out, I identified her and took her home after a short verbal battle.She showered, I made spaghetti and encouraged her to eat. We coloured in a colouring book and chatted into the daylight hours.She went to bed, I went home to my normal life.The next night, I went down to low track to find L. to continue to encourage her to stay home. To my surprise, I was now known down there by the other girls as…CAPTAIN SAVE-A-HO.What a tragically unique world.


  3. Catwoman is a villain, not a heroine. She is a beautiful villain, but a villain nonetheless. Even perhaps a misunderstood villain….Now I have to shut up.Happy New Year!!


  4. Hmmm, correct me on this one…wasn’t this post conceived after the 2nd glass of brandy? Or was it the over the wine at dinner?


  5. Brandy or wine or liquor fueled blogging is the truest wordsmithing. I know for a fact that Spoke is apt to put down a few pints and my best diatribes are usually written after the first pitcher of martinis.


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