Nicolas Kristof on helping victims of sex trafficking

I’ll spend a dollar for the New York Times just to see what Nicolas Kristof is writing about. That’s how much I respect this Pulitzer Prize winning columnist. On the road year after year, he files from places like Darfur and Cambodia – exposing me to the insane injustice and evil at work in the world far away from the headlines. You probably care too, or you wouldn’t be bothering with my blog.

Besides his twice a week columns, Kristof runs a blog, and he just put up his list of effective organizations that fight sex trafficking world wide. In case you never heard of it – this is about young women and girls (or, less commonly, boys) sold or kidnapped into brothels to face a life of unending, chained ghastliness and likely death from AIDS. Maybe because I’m the father of three girls, this issue is very big on the radar for me and I’ve often pondered what I could do beyond writing a check. I still don’t know, but for now, the check writing alternative seems worth pursuing…

Here’s Kristof’s endorsements, with his comments…

ECPAT, an international network of groups that traditionally focus on children prostituted in Asia.
International Justice Mission, a Washington-based group that has an Evangelical Christian base and has been particularly active (and effective) in Cambodia.
Vital Voices, which is based in Washington and addresses global women’s issues.
Equality Now, based in New York and also focused on gender equality around the world.
Daywalka Foundation, Kristoff is a big fan of this org, which emphasizes using legal maneuvers to shut down traffickers.

For resources, he recommends and MTV has a Web site.

And Kristoff says you can’t do better than supporting New Light Foundation, a tiny operation in a red light slum in Calcutta, India. He says its founder, Urmi Basu, is truly a heroic figure.

In Cambodia, where Kristof has posted some riveting articles, he’s a huge fan of American Assistance for Cambodia, a “small and very efficient aid group”. He says “AAFC works on trafficking but its biggest programs are promoting education, the idea being that it’s more cost-effective to educate girls and keep them out of brothels than to try to rescue and rehabilitate them afterward.”



4 thoughts on “Nicolas Kristof on helping victims of sex trafficking

  1. I also feel strongly about this issue. Aside from being a woman I’m originally from a poor country and used with hearing stories that break one’s heart. I’ve heard of stories of sex trafficking in Romania. They don’t fill up the news like in the 90’s – now they’ve been replaced by stories of domestic abuse – but I’m sure they haven’t entirely disappeared. The links you provided are very useful, thank you for posting them.


  2. Education. If young girls are aware, even slightly, to the dangers of these predators…I like THAT plan! I can’t stand the thought of this horror. Very often, as I lay awake at night,I pray for girls everywhere because this is real!. I even pray for the men…after I calm down.Many countries don’t even recognize this as a “crime”. Figure that out if you can. However,sex tourists, as they’re called, are being apprehended and returned and charged in their own countries.Cambodia is clamping down on men traveling to the country to commit sexual offenses against children.As Governments get involved, things may begin to change. The tragic truth though, is that many high profile people in these countries, are behind this very lucrative “trade”. Once again, money!


  3. God has given Mankind “free-will.” God does not block the exercise of free-will in men (call it man’s “right,” if you prefer). However it is twisted thinking to imply that whatever man does, or thinks, through exercising his God-given free-will, that this is being permitted by God. Yes, God permits free-will and allows free-will to be expressed. But it is not God’s Will, per se, that men and women use this free-will to express anger, hate, suspicion, fear, anxiety, lust, covetness, deception, etc.


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