Sweet Sir Galahad

I’ve been visiting The Walrus Speaks lately, a prolific and entertaining blog dedicated to the Beatles mainly but with lots of side glances into other Sixties/Seventies rock. The other day I mentioned I thought the most beautiful and touching song to come out of the Sixties was Joan Baez’s Sweet Sir Galahad, written about her sister Mimi’s ascent from grief to life after her husband Richard was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1966.

I just was visiting there tonight and discovered Hector has put up a clip of Joanie herself singing Sweet Sir Galahad at Woodstock. Having grown up with that voice at my ear through every important event of my young life – well, tears welled up in these old eyes to see her young again and her voice in its prime, and that song once more…

Give your self a treat. Head over to Dedicated to the Pondering Pig—Sweet Sir Galahad



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