Lindy-Hopping To Glory

With apologies to my dial-up readers, I just have to post one more quick video clip. It’s got everything pig pals commented on yesterday after the Anita post. Great jitterbugging, the export of American culture worldwide, the gutsy spirit of the “greatest generation”, and a time when the whole world, with the possible exception of the Third Reich, believed the Americans were the good guys. This is good stuff, folks. It’s from a 1944 film called “The Canterville Ghost” and I just have to see the whole movie…

The Canterville Ghost (1944) — Jitterbug / Woogie Boogie

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One thought on “Lindy-Hopping To Glory

  1. Oh, that was so great!! They only did a few steps of Lindy, that was mostly just straight East Coast Swing. I can do all those moves!! I just know when I get to heaven, Jesus is going to meet me at the door and put out his hand and say “May I have this first dance?” and he’s going to swing me like I ain’t never been swung before!


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