What Does A Pig Ponder?

Exactly my question. I decided to find out – and I spent much of yesterday going through porcine perturbations for nearly a year, assigning categories to every post. It’s not like I write about root beer or something. I kept coming up with categories like ‘Stupid Evil’ and ‘Pigs Go Mad’. So now I know what I write about, and I’m foolish or vain enough to think you might enjoy rummaging through the back files too – at least if you’re mad too to know more beatniks, hippies, Laurel and Hardy, and a pondering pig’s perturbations. There they are – over in the sidebar. Have fun, and let me know if you find any mistakes.


2 thoughts on “What Does A Pig Ponder?

  1. Congratulations on a good, quick job of it. I am still working on mine. You’ve managed to come up with an admirably short list of labels. I have been sifting with too fine of a sieve, and have too many labels, but that’s me — excessively detail-oriented.


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