James Dean’s Jeans

Oh no – not this again! Yes, friends, Jimmy’s trousers sold so well that now someone is putting up his jeans and his teeshirt too. Estimated value at auction: $15,000. To anyone of my generation, that’s cheap. And, astounding to say – Jim Stark, Dean’s character in Rebel Without A Cause, wore Lee’s jeans! In my high school, only Levis were cool. All other brands were worn only by dorks. That singular prejudice has lasted to this day and, after nearly fifty years, I still only wear Levis. I still don’t want to be a dork!



4 thoughts on “James Dean’s Jeans

  1. Read the Pondering Pig for half an hour this morning… You are great!! Lots of smiles, chickles and laughter. Just what I needed to start the day.


  2. Steve McQueen also wore Lee Riders jeans. See “The Hunter” and “Junior Bonner”.
    Guess you turned out to be a dork despite your best efforts.


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