When’s The Next Train Out Of Here?

The paper’s been full of child pornography rings getting busted and some new variety of porn where little kids wear thongs and things so it’s not really pornography.

It’s just weird. How can there be so many men who will pay to see pictures like that? It doesn’t make sense to the Pondering Pig. I am pondering it.

I think not messing with little kids is part and parcel of the moral law of the universe. Most guys know deep down that we’re supposed to take care of little kids. Make sure they’re all right. Wipe away their tears. That kind of thing.

Having sex with them or looking at sexy pictures of them – it’s right out. It’s, dare I say it, shameful!

I remember when I was a little kid my cat scratched me really bad, probably because I was teasing it unmercifully. I was so mad at that cat I shut the door so he couldn’t get away and then I hit him hard.

Did I feel better? I guess I showed him!

No, I felt ashamed and I didn’t want anybody to know what I had done. Because deep down in my little selfish kid mind I knew you’re not supposed to be mean to things that are littler than you are. It’s wrong – I wasn’t a little saint or something, believe me – I was just feeling the moral law of the universe.

Pig , little pig, you did a bad thing.

And I never did it again, because I remembered the scritchy way I felt. I’d rather not kick the stupid cat. Anything was better than that feeling. And now I had a secret I didn’t want. I’d beat up a little cat.

Besides, I liked my cat. He wasn’t stupid. I was stupid to do that.

Now, I have had it explained to me more than once that some men don’t feel the moral law. Beating up cats and kids and anyone weaker than themselves makes them feel strong and in control. It makes them feel good about themselves. They’re morally blank. Freudians used to call them psychopaths. I don’t know if they are evil or what. I just know you have to stop them because they won’t stop themselves. I used to think psychopaths were pretty rare.

Yet I’m not blind. Forget child porno for a minute and consider all the guys who go around whaling on their little kids. Doing horrible things to them just on general principles. Or giving their wives black eyes and putting them in fear of their lives.

And, if they go to church, justifying themselves because the Bible says to control those women or they’ll get uppity. (Not true of course – Bible says nothing of the kind) Or Muslims who think honor killing is the way to go. Your daughter does something to disgrace your family, like go out on a date. Kill her! That’s the best solution.

This is gruesome. Can you see why I became a pig? This human race has got serious problems.

How else can there be so many guys who spend their lives obsessing about six year olds?

Here’s another idea, horrible to contemplate. What if there is no moral law of the universe? What if I was the anomaly when I felt so bad about hurting my cat? And decided not to do that anymore?

What if beating and torturing and killing people who love you and depend on you and messing with little kids to get a little sex thrill and then having a little bedtime drinky winky like in the Mafia movies – what if that’s the male norm?

I’m getting dizzy. If it’s true, I don’t think I want to associate with you humans that much any more.

Sorry this post is so depressing. My rational mind says, “You dope, this is not new information. You’ve just described the whole reason Jesus came to save us, one by one by one. He’s the only train out of this burg.”

Mr. Conductor, can I have ticket on that train? I don’t like it in this town no more.



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