Patrushka At The Beach

Yeah, It’s Sunday at Pismo Beach and the whole world has come to bask and dance and shriek with delight…

Or be young and beautiful for an hour of summer…

Or ponder ’bout why mustard is yellow…

Or sit quietly and wonder if there might be a whale…

Or just be out for a stroll ’cause it’s summer,summer, wonderful summer at Pismo Beach.

Photos by Patrushka

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One thought on “Patrushka At The Beach

  1. Spoke thinks like I do! He brought up the connection of food and locations; that’s how I remember places and events the most clearly! Tell me where we were and I’ll tell you what we ate!My mom and dad moved to Pismo Beach in 1977, so the Pondering Pig and I have been on the pictured stretch of sand many times. But one of my best memories will always be a day in July 1982 when our kids were young. It was the perfect day: warm weather, warm water, no wind. We dug a big hole, buried each other in the sand, played in the waves with an old air mattress (this pre-dates pre-boogie boards!) and…ate! We had a little campfire – they were permitted back then – and roasted hot dogs on coat hangers. My mom brought all the things you could possibly want on a hot dog, so this was a feast. Pismo Beach did not have a “snack shack” like most beaches, so the great summertime beach smell of hamburger grease and fries was missing, but in every other way, that day was “summer at it’s best” for me. Except for the sunburn.


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