Where’s Your Sticking Point?

Didn’t End World Hunger Again Today inspired a jet stream of comments. People took my basic question and hopeful tentative answer in a zillion different directions and I thank you for them all. I have been educated.

I was particularly struck by blogger Genevieve’s rephrasing of my existential question, and I quote: “Is it wrong to pursue self-actualization…when so many in the world still live at the base of the pyramid without even the basics needed for survival?”

That about nails it. I wish I could express myself so well.

To ratchet the thought a little tighter, how can we justify painting The Last Supper or playing our flutes and dancing like the Three Pigs when a six year old girl is about to be raped for the eighteenth time in a brothel somewhere in Cambodia? Shouldn’t we drop everything else and fold our arms like Mr. Clean and say to Evil, “Okay, that’s one step too far. You’ve had it, buddy.” and just fucking take him out? (excuse my beatnik language)

Please forget the logistics for a minute. This is an existential question. What’s important around here? Isn’t there a moment in each of our lives when we have to say, along with e.e.cumming’s beatup conscientious objector, “there is some shit I will not eat.”

This is it for me – my sticking point. No more little girls sold into brothels! No more dancing on the hilltops until the kids are home safe and sleeping in a clean bed with you and me guarding the door.

Then maybe we can get back to art. You know what I mean? Maybe your sticking point comes somewhere else. But doesn’t it come somewhere?

What’s important around here anyway?


One thought on “Where’s Your Sticking Point?

  1. Hope I’m not blowing the PP’s cover here by revealing something he hasn’t shared in capital letters yet. He certainly is the Pig Dancing on the Hilltop Playing His Flute, Tra-la-la, but he has a very compassionate set of bones within his nice pink porcine hide. We became aware of the little girls sold/tricked into prostitution several years ago and Pig went ballistic. We’ve since moved beyond the “oh dear, that’s terrible, but what can we do?” stage. God planted the seed of an idea in our brains, but it hasn’t quite formed beyond a tap-root yet..but it will! I loved the chronicler’s words on images on the last post. Our image for the little girls, who are incredibly beautiful in God’s eyes, WILL come to pass, and you can be sure that PP’s readers will read about it!


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