Red Cloud: One More Chorus

Webster Street Morning 2. Red Cloud is kind of like Lodi in that old Creedence Clearwater song – it’s not that easy to get up and leave. It’s just a burned old Nebraska town but there’s something about it. Something haunting. I don’t know. I’m not done. Got to post a few more pictures…

Dusk on Willa’s Prairie

Ride For The Riches

Red Cloud Last Supper

Dusk on Willa’s Prairie

Sunset On The Edge of Town

All photos by Patrushka

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4 thoughts on “Red Cloud: One More Chorus

  1. You, Pondering Pig, and your dear Patrushka are SO VERY gifted. It is sheer delight reading what you have to say and seeing what Patrushka has captured with her camera. Safe travels. ~ Carol


  2. Hey, I’m not sure what the deal is about the camera. Maybe you’re referring to the pics not being a high enough resolution for you? If that’s what you’re going on about, it’s not her camera. He posts them at a low res so that people like me, who can’t get a faster connection speed than 24 kbps (on a good day) on a dial up, can still see what Pig and his wife are up to without having to do an overnight download. Really, there are still actually places that still can’t get a high speed connection even though we would love one. Thanks for keeping them low res dad.


  3. Oops sorry guys, I hadn’t read the previous blog yet about mom wanting a new camera when I wrote in a huff about resolutions and internet connections. It’s a touchy subject out here- we hate sitting for 10 minutes plus waiting for a single page to load. And it’s been happening more and more lately as many companies make “new and improved” websites that are graphic and ad heavy.


  4. My my! – what a lot of comments about cameras! Dear Chronicler, the Ponderer should have explained that I’d like a new camera not because I crave more pixels, but because mine is not easy to use. It’s very slow to respond even on fully charged batteries. I turn it on, tum-te-tum-te-tum. Want to zoom in on the little kid whirling down the hill playing ballerina – well, she’s long gone before the lens slowly cranks out. Of course, I’d also like some new glasses, so I could see the monitor without having to take them off, hold them in my teeth, figure out at what distance I can actually SEE the image, and at the same time hold my jacket over my head to cut the glare on the monitor. I’m beginning to identify with the historical photographers with their 8×10 cameras on tripods, heads under the black cloth, trying not to blow of the cliff as they take the picture of the grand vista below while Indians shoot arrows at them from the hilltop behind. They didn’t take many “action” shots, and neither do I…


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