The Emerald Diner

I’m not really a restaurant critic and have no aspirations along that line, but I just have to mention a great place to stop for lunch if you’re passing through. Try the Emerald Diner in Hubbard, Ohio outside of Youngstown. It’s a couple miles south of I-80. I ordered a plate of linguini broccolini tossed with garlicy olive oil. It was the equal of anything on the east coast. Patrushka’s sausage sandwich elicited raves from one of world’s best cooks.
You just don’t find road food this good in the midwest – look at this apple pie!

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One thought on “The Emerald Diner

  1. Mom- I forgot to write you that my photographer coworker thought your photo work looks similar to the work of photographer Martin Parr. (Complement). I put the comment on this blog entry as it was this apple pie and waitress photo in particular that triggered his comment. He thinks you might like to check Parr’s pics out. I did a google and, surprisingly enough, the web site is


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