On the Western Plains of Ohio

FOSTORIA, OHIO – We were going to camp west of here at Van Buren State Park but got scared off by off and on again thunderstorms and rain showers. The cashier at Kroger’s said its supposed to rain all night. So we are staying at the finest joint in town, the Country Club Inn & Suites.
The cashier told us emphatically, “You don’t want the other one.”
So here we are this grey June morning, lapping up luxury across the road from the soy bean processing plant.


One thought on “On the Western Plains of Ohio

  1. I grew up in Fostoria. Back in the early eighties, that soy bean processing plant was the site of quite a phenomenon – one of the storage tanks down the road, after being repainted one year, displayed what was widely believed to be an image of Jesus. Made Time Magazine (or was it the other one…) and everything. People came for all over the place.And yes – Findlay is just down the road.As to being laid back… well…Hard to say, really. It’s not such a nice place anymore. They have a lot of trouble with crime, gangs, drug trafficking. US-23 goes straight through town and is a popular pipeline for drug couriers.arunthol@livejournal


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