More Photos In A New York Minute

I just spent the morning on my daughter’s New Jersey deck considering yesterday’s journey through the Connecticut woods, and I noted the severed head of a gopher on the top step, compliments of said daughter’s cat Acey.

We are tired. Our horse Gabbin wants to spend the weekend here. The thought of clopping along through Memorial Day weekend traffic terrorizes the old fellow. And I can’t blame him.

So instead of my usual pondering and pontificating, I’m posting a few more Patrushka pics of our racing visit to the Big Apple last weekend.

Au Pairs, 5:45 PM Friday

A Little League Town, 12:10 PM Saturday

Rust on the Hudson, 12:25 PM Saturday

Riverside Drive, 12:40 PM Saturday

New York Is Safe, 1:00 PM Saturday

All photos by Patrushka

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2 thoughts on “More Photos In A New York Minute

  1. Very interesting photos. I have to say, when I look at “Rust on the Hudson”, it really gives me the impression of the setting of a pulp fiction story of the 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. Specifically, a Robert E. Howard story; not a Conan story, one of his “waterfront” or detective stories. Only it would be a foggy night or grey, dreary day, not bright with sunshine.


  2. Well, I can’t remember any specific stories or titles (it’s been a very long time since I’ve read any of those stories), but there’s a new series of publications of R.E.H.’s works, including Conan, Solomon Kane and others. One of them is titled “Graveyard Rats and Others” and it’s a collection of Howard’s detective stories from 1934 – 1936. The description states, “…his private eye Steve Harrison is a classic tough guy who can handle just about anything thrown at him.” The books are about $17.00. Should be some good stories in there. (And, if you’re interested, there’s a collection of his boxing stories titled “Waterfront Fists and Others”.)


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